about us
“Bulelectrics” Ltd is registered in the Central register of the professional builders to Bulgarian Construction Chamber for implementation constructions with the following range:

high-rise construction structures (housing, public servicing, industrial), its adjoining infrastructure, electronic communication network and installations – CONSTRUCTIONS FROM SECOND TO FIFTH CATEGORY - Certificate № І-008866

structures of transport infrastructure – CONSTRUCTIONS FROM FIRST TO THIRD CATEGORY - Certificate № ІІ-001975

structures of power infrastructure – CONSTRUCTIONS FROM FIRST TO THIRD CATEGORY - Certificate № ІІІ-002119

structures of the public utility infrastructure, hydro-technical construction and environmental protection - CONSTRUCTIONS FROM SECOND AND THIRD CATEGORY – Certificate № ІV-004322

separate types of construction and assembly works – Sertificate № V-005749

The company is working on a certified integrated management system including quality management, environment management, health and safety management in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

MAIN POLITICS – Loyalty to the customer; Building mutual trust and long-term partnership.

BASIC GOALS – Fully satisfaction of the customer. We know very well the requirements of the power companies and we can recommend the best solution for him.

RESOURCES – the biggest wealth of our company is the high qualified and strongly motivated team. An excellent alloy of qualified, with long-time experience in the field of electro-construction and young, high educated and ambitious employees. We have the whole necessary mechanization and specialized instruments for objects realization.