“Bulelectrics” company is accredited and completive firm with experience and style, which are appreciated by all our customers. It is based in Bourgas and develops its activities in Southeast Bulgaria.

The company offers to its customers full engineering – preliminary researches, consultations, designing, co-ordination with the electro-distribution company of the best for the customer solution, construction and put into operation.

The company performs electro-mounting activities – outer electric power supply for integrating new objects to the electro-distribution system; inner electric and weak current installations of newly built buildings; average and low voltage cables and electro-distribution lines repairing; repair and preventive maintenance of substations, assembly stations and power substations; subscription support of the facilities with average and low voltage; construction and maintenance of park, street and others illuminating installations.

The company supports the investors by providing a building control of the objects and bringing into exploitation.

The company designs, supplies and mounts the reserve power supplies with diesel generators with by hand and automatically switching in.

The company produces, supplies and mounts any size electrometer and distributing panels and cable distribution cupboards of glass-filling polyester.

The company repairs and rewinds electric engines.

The company sells and supplies to the object the electrical equipment and the electric fittings.