OUTER ELECTRIC POWER SUPPLIES – The company covers the whole cycle of electro-supply of new objects – preliminary research, consulting and assisting the customer to file documents for integration, designing, construction of facilities for integration to the electro-distribution system, voltage switching in, providing a building control of the objects and bringing into exploitation. It mounts average voltage air and cable distribution lines, assembly stations, all types of power stations, low voltage ground networks, cable distribution cupboards, electrometer panels, street and alleys illuminations.

INNER INSTALLATIONS – There is a special section to the company for constructing inner el. installations in newly built objects – high voltage, communication, fire notifications and fire-extinguishing systems. The gained experience of mounting installations of hotel and apartment complexes, offices, residential and industrial building enables us to execute qualitatively and in term the taken engagements, in fully correspondence with the last requirements of Bulgarian and European standards.

REPAIR WORKS“Bulelectrics” LLC performs all kinds of prophylactic and repair works on the average voltage air and cable distribution lines, assembly stations, all kinds of power stations, low voltage air and cable networks, illuminating installations. The company staff has the necessary qualification groups on the Labour office and has the right to work on going electric facilities. We offer subscription support of the electric facilities to our customers. In case of need of reconstruction and modernization we can provide consulting and designing services. 

EL. PANELS PRODUCTION„BULELECTRICS” LLC is the first company in the region that offers electrometer panels, cable distribution cupboards and cassettes, main and distribution panels of glass-filling polyester. Thanks to its universality, solidity and long life these panels finds popular applicability to all sectors of industry, energetics and telecommunications in all Europe, and quite recently in Bulgaria too.

The modern tendency is the panels of this material to oust the metal panels. The wide range of box sizes enables the implementation of panels for random number of electrometers, with height and width that are appropriate to the place, where the panel will be mounted. The module implementation enables easy mounting will all kinds of clamp – on a wall, on a fundament, on a hard floor and others. The boxes are import from accredited producers and are made of isolating, hard burning and selfextinguished material: polyester+glass fibres. They characterize with good mechanical solidity and stability to atmospheric influence (UV) and respond to all European standards. The surfaces can be finned (against poster sticking) or flat depending on the esthetic requirements of the environment.

ELECTROMOTOR REPAIR – We execute rewinding and repair for electric engines of all kinds and powers.

RESERVE POWER SUPPLIES – The company designs, composes equipment, mounts and executes integration support and repair of all kinds of reserve power supplies with diesel generators – by hand or automatic switching in, with or without the automatic for observing the work parameters of the generator, with wide range of reserved power.

ELECTRO EQUPMENT DELIVERY AND MOUNTING – To its customers “BULELECTRICS” LLC offers delivery of all kinds of electro materials and electro equipment. We keep storage availabilities of the most our materials, and the others con be delivered with application in 24 hours term. We offer ex delivery customer object too.